Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crochet: Star Amigurumi (Boneka Rajut Bintang)

Even though I have a deadline for a 10 pages paper tomorrow I still make time to make this cute star amigurumi, no worries the paper is already finished. I'm making this star while watching TV. There are two parts of this amigurumi and both of them are made in continuous round and join by sewing. I fill this star as I sew with fiberfill, and the eyes are made from felt fabric which I glued to the star. I made the leftover yarn longer so I can hang this star somewhere. (I haven't think where I will put it yet...)

Crochet Spiral Accessories (Aksesoris Rajut Spiral)

These necklace and earring are very easy to make and you can make it in any color to match your outfit.  (*b´▽)b

Crochet: Ruffled Hair Clip (Jepit Rambut Rajut Rimpel)

I got this purple gradation yarn leftover and decided to put it in my old plastic hair clip. This ruffle is easy to make but in order to make the hair clip really ruffly you have to make it pretty long. After you make it in the desired length just glue it to the hair clip.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crochet: Flower Accessories (Aksesoris Bunga Rajut)

This hair clip is a combination of two flowers and leaves, the flowers are pelargonium and daisy. It is pretty easy to make this flower especially if we're accustomed to the pattern and stitches. Once the flowers and leaves just put it in your hair clip using glue gun and Voila!! A regular ol' hair clip turns into a cuter hair clip!! \(^_^\) (/^_^)/

Jepit rambut ini saya buat dari kombinasi bunga dan daun rajut. Pola bunga yang saya gunakan adalah pola untuk bunga Pelargonium dan Daisy. Pembuatannya cukup mudah dan cocok untuk pemula yang ingin mencoba membuat aksesoris rajut. Selain itu cocok juga untuk yang ingin menyulap jepit rambut lama yang dimiliki supaya jadi baru kembali \(^_^\) (/^_^)/. Polanya bisa dilihat di buku "Crochet Accessories" yang bisa kamu beli di Toko Buku.

Crochet: Ghost Amigurumi (Boneka Rajut Hantu)

Raise your hand if you love horror movie!!

You can make this Ghost Amigurumi and use it as a key chain or bag charm. It's quite easy to make and for the filling I use fiberfill. If you don't have it you can use any scrap of yarn, fabric or cotton puff. I uee a black button as the eyes but it can be replace with a crochet circle.

Crochet: Light Bulb Amigurumi (Boneka Rajut Bohlam)

So I saw a movie called Despicable Me and in it there's a character named Gru. Whenever Gru has an evil idea he will say "Light Bulb!!" and that's when I also got an idea to make a light bulb amigurumi. As turns out, there's already a pattern available online for it but as usual mine's not as cute as the original.

Crochet: Centifolia Rose (Mawar Rajut)

Flower accessories won't go out of date in any occasion if I may say so. I made the brooch above by combining a few roses and leaves and then glued them onto a felt fabric.

Alien Amigurumi (Boneka Rajut Alien)

This cute Alien is the biggest Amigurumi that I've crochet so far. It's round shape is so cute and not to mention it has antenna!! ヽ(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

Friday, July 23, 2010

Crochet Jack Skellington (Boneka Rajut Jack Skellington) ~ The Nightmare Before Christmas

I have a friend who really likes and collects Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie and I thought that I wanted to crochet something for him with that them. After a few blogwalking I found this Little Jack Skellington which I think would be perfect to give to him. At the beginning I'm doing quite fine in making it but somewhere along the way I got confused in reading the pattern. But... Since it's already halfway there I continue anyway he he he The rest of the yarn are made into a loop so it can be hang on his car and the eyes and jacket are glued to the body.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crochet Skull (Motif Rajut Tengkorak)

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I've always like something macabre like skulls, horror, goth etc etc... And have been collecting stuff with skulls in it like legging, cardigan, necklace, ring, scarf, bag, t-shirt and many more to come. Ohh and speaking about Macabre I've been into this Japanese Manga, Drama and Anime called Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge where the main character named Sunako is into this dark, goth, grimm, and gore stuff and she has a lot of things with skulls in it which I think are really really cute!! 

Crochet: Cellphone Case (Sarung Handphone Rajut)

I made this Cellphone Case for a friend's Birthday because IDK what to give her at the time and I have limited budget too. So I dig up my yarn stash and found this pretty two-colored yarn which is perfect because she loves purple.


- Steel crochet hook #5 (3mm)
- Cotton Yarn
- Button
- Needle

Crochet: Flip Flop (Sandal Rajut)

By using a simple crochet technique even a regular flip flops can be turn into this really cute flip flops. The pattern for this flip flops is free if you registered first at lion brand official website. For this flip flops I use two strands of different color yarn join together to wrap the flip flop straps and just glued the flower to the strap.

The pattern for this fantabulous flip flops is here

Dengan menggunakan teknik merajut yang sangat dasar sandal jepit pun bisa dirubah menjadi lebih cantik. Polanya pun tersedia secara gratis pada Official Website Lion Brand namun harus register dulu ya.... Untuk gambar di atas saya menggunakan 2 benang katun dengan warna yang berbeda dan dirajut secara bersama-sama dan untuk bunganya cukup dilem saja.

Polanya bisa didapatkan disini.

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Crochet: Ring Bracelet and Necklace (Kalung dan Gelang Rajut)

As it turns out that you can make a lot of interesting stuff with crochet technique. Those steel ring that is usually sold at a craft store can be wrapped with yarns and combine into interesting shape.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crochet: Tracey Tentacles (Boneka Rajut Tracey Tentacle)

There are a lot of freebies pattern for Amigurumi that you can find online and one of them is the Official Site of Lion Brand Yarn. But, in order to get it you have to register first and then download the pattern in pdf.

When I first saw Tracey Tentacle I thought ain't she the cutest little thing!! But alas.... I was still a beginner so I can't make it as cute as the original one and not to mention I had a few miscount which I'm too lazy to correct he he he... I made it in several hours using steel crochet hook #4, glued the eyes and sew the tentacles.

This Tracey Tentacle can be found here.

Ada banyak pola Amigurumi yang bisa kamu dapatkan secara gratis di Internet. Salah satunya adalah Official Website Lion Brand Yarn, namun untuk mendapatkan polanya kamu harus register dulu di website tersebut dan pola-pola gratisnya bisa kamu unduh dalam format pdf.

Pertama kali saya melihat karakter Tracey Tentacle ini saya langsung jatuh hati karena dia sangat imut!! Tapi sayangnya karena saya masih perajut pemula maka hasilnya tidak seimut yang aslinya. Belum lagi ada pola yang salah saya ikuti tapi malas saya perbaiki he he he... Boneka ini saya buat dengan menggunakan hakpen no. 4, matanya dilem ke bagian badan sedangkan tentakelnya saya jahit.

Polanya bosa kamu dapatkan disini.

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Crochet: Simple Scarf

The pattern for this scarf is really simple and easy and it only takes one ball yarn too!!


- 4mm Crochet Hook
- 1 ball of yarn

Crochet: Kitten Amigurumi (Boneka Rajut Kitty)

This cute kitten is called Sherbet Kitten. http://www.emocutez.comSince it's my first time making a bigger amigurumi (which actually still pretty small) it doesn't come out really nice. Each amigurumi part is made separately from head, hands, foot, body and tail. If you see the original one it is way way cuter than mine. The size is pretty nice though, it's about the size of my palm. The mouth are sew from leftover yarn and since I don't have cute doll eyes (I only have "googly eyes" which aren't cute at all) I only used leftover button and glue it to the amigurumi.

Crochet: Poo Keychain (Gantungan Kunci Rajut Poo) Here's a weird but cute amigurumi that I made for my brother's birthday present. It's a Poo Keychain!! Poo?!?! Yes!! Poo!! Why? Because he gave me a birthday card with a poo drawn on the front and we both love the poo character in Dr. Slump manga. *yeah, we have a weird sense of humor*

This key chain is actually pretty easy to make and it took about an hour to make it. But..... Since it's my first time making an amigurumi it doesn't come out nicely and shape like a poo at first. So I had to glue it to make it more "poo" like. The last step is to sew the remaining yarn to the key chain.

You can find the poo pattern at craftbits, crochetme, or puchitomato. Menurut saya amigurumi yang satu ini sih lucu tapi mungkin agak aneh ya buat orang lain? Gantungan kunci berbentuk "poo" ini saya buat sebagai hadiah ulang tahun untuk adik saya. Kenapa? Karena waktu saya ulang tahun dia juga memberi saya kartu ulang tahun bergambar "poo" dan karena kami berdua adalah penggemar komik Dr. Slump. *abaikan saja selera humor kamu berdua yang cukup aneh ini*

Gantungan kunci ini buatnya cukup gampang dan hanya membutuhkan waktu sekitar satu jam. Cumannn... Karena saya jarang membuat amigurumi hasilnya agak kurang rapi dan tidak seperti yang saya inginkan. Supaya hasil akhirnya jadi mirip "poo" yang di komik-komik itu akhirnya saya me-"lem" tiap susunannya. Untuk membuatnya sebagai gantungan kunci cukup dengan dijahit pada rantai gantungan kunci yang sering dijual di toko hobi.

Polanya bisa didapat di  craftbits, crochetme, or puchitomato. 


- Hakpen no 4 / 5
- Benang katun
- Gunting
- Gantungan kunci
- Mata boneka
- Kain felt

Berikut polanya dalam Bahasa:

Buat magic ring dan setiap Round dibuat secara berkelanjutan. Beri isian secara bertahap karena bentuknya makin lama akan makin mengecil.

Round 1 - 6sc
Round 2 - 12sc
Round 3 - 18sc
Round 4 - 24sc
Round 5 - 30sc
Round 6 - 36sc
Round 7 - 36sc
Round 8 - 30sc
Round 9 - 24sc
Round 10 - 18sc
Round 11 - 12sc
Round 12 - 18sc
Round 13 - 24sc
Round 14 - 24sc
Round 15 - 24sc
Round 16 - 18sc
Round 17 - 12sc
Round 18 - 6sc
Round 19 - 12sc
Round 20 - 18sc
Round 21 - 12sc
Round 22 - 6sc
Round 23 - 6sc

Matikan dan sisakan sedikit benang untuk dijahit ke gantungan kunci.


SC = single crochet

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