01 September 2012

August 2012 Haul

Hello!! How's last August treating you? I can't believe it's September already!!
Time really does fly....
Here's my August Haul. It's basically just things that I bought in August.

Lip Ice Repair & Treatment Lip Gel
- I bought this for $1.85 (IDR 18.500), it supposed to moisten my dry and chapped lips. I kinda like the minty feeling on my lips from lip ice product. I use to wear it a lot in high school *nostalgic *review pending

Viva White Hand & Body Lotion with Mulberry
Viva White Hand & Body Lotion with Yoghurt
- Actually I had a few body lotion already but since it's in a discounted price I bought it anyway since it's only $0.15 (IDR 1.500). The one with mullberry had a nice sweet scent but the one with yoghurt had a strong but weird scent. *review pending

Sunsilk Co-Creations Damage Hair Treatment 3 Minute Treatment
- One of my favorite cheap hair mask, a little bit goes a long way. It's about $3 (IDR 30.00) I guess?? *review pending

Makarizo Hair Recovery
- I don't bring my usual shampoo and conditioner at holiday and my hair got a bit dry so I bought this baby. It cost $1.88 (IDR 18.800). *review pending

L'oreal Smooth-Intens Anti-Frizz Serum - Leave In
-My hair got a bit dry and some frizzy hair pops here and there, so one of my friend recommends this serum. I bough this because I forgot that I've already bought Makarizo Hair Recovery. D'OH!! *face palm It was discounted from $6.745 (IDR 67.450) to $4.72 (IDR 47.200). *review pending

Rohto Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Milk
- I almost run out my usual moisturizer and still pre-ordering the new one. I bought this one for a backup moisturizer in case my usual moisturizer runs out before the new one comes and I heard that it has a lot of great review. It cost $4.5 (IDR 45.000). *review pending

Silky Girl Long-Wearing Eyeliner in #01 Black Black
- I bought this one because I wanna replace my Maybelline Unstoppable Black Eyeliner. It cost $2.95 (IDR 29.500). *review pending

Silky Girl Hi-Definition Waterproof Mascara in #01 Blackest Black
- I'm interested in this mascara because the wand kinda looks like Holika-Holika Magic Pole Mascara (review here). It cost $3.95 (IDR 39.500). *review pending

Mentholatum Face on Face Nourishing Blush On in Natural Glow
- I got poison by Aldila's review on her Beautiful-Channel blog. It cost $2.475 (IDR 24.750). *review pending

Make-Up Sponge
-just regular cheap make-up sponge for my loose powder, it only cost $0.2 (IDR 2.000).

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