09 September 2012

Review: Ellips Ultra Treatment Hair Vitamin

Hello people!! Been doing great??
Well today I'm gonna review about Ellips Ultra Treatment, this product supposed to to help preserving hair's health and the extraordinary combination of Everlasting Flower and Camellia Oil works all over the hair making it looks shiny and feels smooth & manageable.

This product comes in a pump bottle so it hygienic and you can control the amount of serum that you want to let out. I forgot how much this product cost but I think it is around $4 or so (IDR 40.000). It's a bit cheaper than other types of hair serum in the bottle (if I'm not mistaken) and it's the reason I'm attracted to it.

This serum has clear color and thick consistency, so one bottle goes a long way. When you put it in your hair, you can smell already that this product has a very nice and pleasant smell. Nice flowery scent, if I may say. But unfortunately I think this hair serum don't work for me, I don't fell any improvement in my hair. It still look the same even though the bottle is almost empty. Or is it working though?? Since my hair doesn't get any more worse? So it's maintain my hair??

Anyway, after I come home from holiday I have a patch of frizzy hair on my head which is very annoying. I put this serum everyday on that frizzy patch but it's still frizzy. So yes.. I can say now that this product don't work for me.

On the side note though, each time I use this serum I feel that my cuticle has soften. Maybe this product has a good use after all.... *LOL

What I Like About Ellips Ultra Treatment:
- Nice smell
- One product goes a long way
- Can also be used as cuticle softener >.<

What I Don't Like About Ellips Ultra Treatment:
- Do not works for my hair

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