23 October 2012

Review: C+M Anti-Perspirant DEO Roll-On (Fresh Flower)

Hi!! It's time for another review...

I never made any review on deodorant before but I think it will be interesting though... So the deodorant that I'm gonna review is C+M Anti Perspirant Deo Roll-On in Fresh Flower Fragrance. C+M is a famous French personal and skin care brand with wide range of whitening, suncare, anti allergy, moisturizing, deodorant and acne treatment products. I've used several of their products such as facial wash, eye mask, and of course deodorant.

I don't actually have any problem with body odor (he he he) and sometimes forgot to put it on too. My armpit is really sensitive and the wrong product will make my skin itch (super itchy!!), irritates or the worst pigmentation. I hate it when a dark pigmentation occurs!! So yeah I rarely used one, and if think I needed extra boost I just put on baking soda. Yeahhh... Baking soda!!

I saw this deodorant at Sasa.com and since it's on a discounted price I decided to buy it, oh the price is discounted from $3.9 (IDR 39.000) to $1.9 (IDR 19.000). The size is pretty small around the length of my index finger so it's good for traveling purposes too. It has a cute pink twist cap and since it's from Sasa Hongkong the writings is in Chinese (it's Chinese right??) and English. The fragrance is really nice, subtle, and not overwhelming. Like the product label suggest, this deodorant is quick dry, so you won't have a weird sticky feeling around your armpit like usual deo roll-on product (another reason why I avoid this type of deo). 

I don't have a good quality camera and still saving some money so I'm pretty sorry for the lack of quality. Here's the ingredients list:
Aqua, GTCC, Locron-L, Stearic Acid, Alantoin, Glyceryl Monostearate, Glycerine, Cellosize Polymer PCG-10, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Fragrance.

Unfortunately this deodorant contains paraben guys.. I still don't know much about it, maybe I'm gonna research it soon.

My Likes:
- do not irritate my skin
- do not induce dark pigmentation on skin
- do not make my skin itch
- quick dry

My Dislikes:
- I have to buy it online at Sasa.com

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