14 October 2012

Ups and Downs in Early October

Good Morning Everyone!! It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Jakarta! But unfortunately it's my last day, tomorrow I have to go back to Jogjakarta and back to reality... *sigh

There are few things that happens to me for the past week since I arrive at Jakarta, some are ups and some are downs... But Thank God there are more ups than downs.

Okay! The Downs first... Last Sunday I arrived pretty late at home in Jakarta and since I'm super tired I forgot that there are A LOT of MOSQUITO in this house!! I forgot to turn on the electric insect repellent  I forgot to spray Baygon to the room and I also forgot to put on insect repellent. *face palm

As a result my face, hands and foot are filled with mosquito bites!! I mean it's everywhere!! I look like I'm sick or something. The worst part are in my face and foot, it's like counting stars in there but it's actually mosquito bite.

Can you see those little red dots on my face???? My face looks shiny because I put on EMC (Egyptian Magic Cream) to relieve the itch.

My left and right arms are hideous!! I can't wear short sleeve because I'm embarrassed but it's really hot nowadays!!

I can't wear short pants or skirts either.. *boo hoo... It's everywhere and it's itchy!! Luckily I brought Aloe Vera gel and put it all over to relieve those itch and prevent me from scratching here and there. I also brought some baking soda with me that I originally brought for exfoliating purposes but I use it to take baking soda bath instead and it works wonders for the itch. (If you're interested about my baking soda use, you can see it here)

It's almost been a week since that thing happen and after 6 days the mosquito bites on my face are almost gone but the ones in my arms and foot are quite stubborn.


It's time to share the 'upsie' stuff... This week I receive a lot of gifts from my family and family friends and I'm thankful for that. The first gift is I got some cute animal pattern scarf from my aunt, at first she only said to pick one but since I'm confused between the two scarf she said I can take both of them.. YAY!!

I don't own or interested in animal pattern before but these scarf are kinda cute. Don't you think??
Besides... It's rude to decline gifts.. ^_^

The second gifts comes from my cousins, she gave me these from her trip to Singapore.

Here's a closer look from her gifts...

I Love SG Bag, it's a cute bag with envelope design.

Cute little pouch with flower embellishment.

Colorful beads bracelet.

Sephora Monoi Creamy Body Wash.

There are more gifts by the way... The third gift is from my mom, when we go to Pondok Indah Mall and she bought some blouse I ask her to buy me one too and she agree!! He he he here's what I got.

Huge Oversize Pink Stripes Shirt.

The last gift is I got some chocolate from my mom's friend when she comes back from visiting her son in Netherlands

I love chocolate!! I always stash them at all time!! I don't usually like sweet stuff but chocolate is different.

You might think that it's just a mosquito bite and it's a trivial thing and I'm making a big deal out of it. But to me it is quite big, I mean what if one of those mosquito carries diseases like dengue or malaria?!?! Well.... The red swelling puts me off too.. If I got a mosquito bite the swelling doesn't just disappear in a week or two, it took at least a week for my skin to heal. And don't forget the shameful feeling... I do feel like I don't want to get out of the house at first, but finally brace myself to do it, and because I go out I get to get these gifts... So it wasn't such a bad week after all...

So how about guys?
Do you have your ups and downs this week?
How do you feel about it?

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