01 August 2013

Recipe: Japanese Croquette (Korokke)

A few days back I decided to make a korokke for my family. Since it was pretty easy to make and delicious too I wanted to share my recipe here. 

What I Use:
- 3 Medium size potato
- 150gr Minced meat
- 1 Small carrot
- 3 Small onion
- 4 Clove garlic
- 100gr Button mushroom
- Oil for cooking
- Breadcrumb
- Flour
- 1 Egg
- Chicken stock
- Salt
- Pepper

Are you ready to make korokke?? Start!!

I use 3 medium size potatoes, peel them and cut them.

After I cut the potatoes I boil it and add two blocks of chicken stock in the boiling water (beef stock can be used too). To know when to stop boiling the potato just stab the potatoes using fork, if there's no resistance then the potatoes are ready.

Note: Steaming the potatoes gives  a better results than boiling but this is how I made it back when I was still living in a boarding house. I only have portable stove and steaming the potatoes would be a waste of gas so I boil the potatoes by using magic jar.

I use about 150 gr of minced beef meat but minced chicken meat is nice too.

I use a small carrot and chopped it.

Also chopped 4 clove of garlic. I like to mashed the garlic first before chopping it.

Chopped 3 small onions.

I add mushroom too but it's optional. 

After the potato is done mashed it using fork.

Finally time to make the korokke filling!!
  1. Heat oil and saute garlic until it smells nice and add onion until it becomes somewhat transparent.
  2. Add minced meat and stir until it has a nice brown color.
  3. Add chopped mushroom and carrot.
  4. Add mashed potatoes and stir until the mixture has combine nicely
Note: Don't forget to season the mixture with salt, pepper and beef/chicken stock and also make sure to taste it too!!

This the crumble station. I forgot to take the picture before I use them but basically you mold the korokke mixture into a patty, dip it into egg batter and the covers it with breadcrumb and flour mixture.

The recipe above will produce 16 korokke. Put it in a freezer and deep fried them later!! He he he I forgot to take picture after it was deep fried because it's already been eaten!!

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