16 October 2013

Let's Cook Kare Raisu!! (aka Japanese Curry)

Are You Hungry | Sedang Lapar?

Want to eat something but didn't have appetite? | Ingin makan sesuatu tapi sedang tidak selera?

Wanna got out for food but it's raining outside? | Mau keluar makan tapi sedang hujan?

Don't Worry!! | Jangan Khawatir

Let's Cook Kare Raisu!!
Masak Kari Yuuk!!

07 October 2013

Crochet: Totoro Amigurumi

A quick post since I'm pretty lazy today but still wants to be at least somewhat productive so I'm just gonna post a bunch of picture of Totoro from the anime My Neighbour Totoro or Tonari no Totoro in Japanese. Totoro is one of my favorite anime from Studio Ghibli but then when it comes to Studio Ghibli nothing is bad he he he I love em all!! I've actually have made this amigurumi months and months ago for my nephew Aradea but forgot to take pictures. The only one I had was this. 

I know it's totally biased but isn't my nephew's cute!!!  He also looks so happy when I give him the Totoro. Last August when I went to Jakarta for a family reunion I ask my cousin if I can take pictures of the Totoro and luckily it's still there. Here's how it look now...

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