25 April 2014

Longer and Thicker Lashes with Castor Oil

I think most woman nope... Scratch that... ALL woman want's longer, thicker and fuller lashes right? There's a lot of Eye Lash Serum out there in the market and the price range is sometimes too fantastic and definitely way over budget. I've seen one with a USD100 price tag!! R U FREAKIN KIDDING ME!! It's too expensive!! Well if you're looking for a longer or thicker lashes you can try Castor Oil!! Castor Oil or "Minyak Jarak" has been used to treat hair loss and I use it myself for oil cleansing and hair treatment. Here's how my eye lashes look after using Castor Oil.. I forgot how long it took but I reckon it's more than a month.

My usual eye lashes are actually slightly longer than normal (I think??) but after I started using Castor Oil on my eye lashes my upper lashes now has more lashes and my lower lashes are now longer. I got a lot of compliments from my friend too ^^. Here's how I use the Castor Oil on my lashes...

I bought Castor Oil in bulk so I transfer it into a small pump bottle for easier use.

To apply the Castor Oil on my eye lashes I use this mascara brush from a dried up mascara that I don't even use #LOL. 

To use the Castor Oil just put the oil on the brush and apply it on eye lashes like a regular mascara. I prefer to use it at night and only in moderate amount. Otherwise my eyes will feel oily and weird.

If you're looking to buy Castor Oil here's a few place where you can get it:

(You can buy essential oils, other carrier oils and some other products here)

(You can buy essential oils and lots of other stuff here but there's a minimum order of IDR 500,000 I think)

(This website is very popular if you're looking for all natural beauty product. I've always wanted to become their member but somehow I never got around to it #LOL)

(A myriad of oils are available in here)

(Like the shop's name she sells a lot of organic and natural stuff from essential oil,  carrier oil, shea butter, hydrosol, clay and other organic skin care)

For other place you could Google them online ^^

P.S: if you're looking for other uses of Castor Oil you can visit my Castor Oil 101 Post.

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