12 May 2014

Review: The Face Shop Nail Polish GR502 with Swatches

Onto the Second review for today. It's one of my favorite color but surprisingly I only have one color. The others was more of a pink or red tone (I wonder why??). The Face Shop is one of my favorite color for nail polishes cos they have a lot of shade and really affordable even though the color is sometimes a hit and miss for me. Anyway the one that I'm gonna review today is the GR502.

The packaging on this nail polish is really simple. It's made from glass with a sleek white handle. I don't really notice where "The Face Shop" put their logo on this Nail Polish but upon further inspection I notice that it's actually embossed on the bottom part of the white handle and it's also quite small.

The Brush:
The brush has a decent length, thickness and wideness. It's able to take a decent amount of product and disperse is nicely on my nails.

The Handle:
The white handle has a slight curve to it and it's not uncomfortable or awkward to use.

The Nail Polish has a slightly thinner texture and it dries quite fast too.

Color and Swatches:
The GR502 is a lovely Apple Green color and to achieve this look I only use two coats so this particular shade is quite pigmented. The darker the color the better the pigmentation because I've tried a lighter color before like white and baby pink and the color pay off isn't very good. I've use the nail polish with and without base coat before and the color payoff is pretty much the same. But if don't use a top coat this nail polish chipped rather easily so a good top is definitely needed.

What I Like:
- Affordable
- Quick dry
- Spreads easily

What I Don't Like:
- Chipped easily without top coat
- The color and pigmentation is different for a particular shade

Where to Buy?
The Face Shop Counter

How Much?
I forgot but I tend to buy this nail polish when The Face Shop has a promotion like Buy 5 Pay 4 thing or other discount.

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