18 January 2015

DIY: Herb Anti Acne Toner

Hi there!!

I'm back again with another DIY Recipe and this time it's another DIY Toner for Troubled Skin!! This recipe is different because it's quite potent and if you haven't made any of the DIY Toner that I've post in this blog before then I suggest that you should make one of those first and then when your skin (and nose) have adjusted to the toner then you can make this one.

Saya kembali lagi dengan resep DIY dan kali ini resepnya adalah DIY Toner untuk kulit bermasalah! Resep kali ini agak berbeda dengan resep-resep sebelumnya karena toner ini cukup 'keras' dan kalau sebelumnya kamu belum pernah bereksperimen dengan DIY Toner saya sarankan untuk mencoba resep-resep yang sebelumnya. Setelah kulit (dan hidung) kamu sudah terbiasa baru deh kamu bisa coba resep yang satu ini.

Haul: December 2014

Hello there!! 

I know I haven't been very active lately... I don't have the mood to blog for a while know even though there are a lot of drafts... But somehow I just can't get into it.... Anyway I'm back with a short haul post for now and depends on how it goes I might add another one or two more posts later. Keep cheering me up plz..!!!

 Annie's Way Calendula Softening Jelly Mask

Yeah... I'm totally addicted to Annie's Way Jelly Mask and I just can't get enough of it!! The Calendula is now my 2nd favorite mask after the Charcoal.

Bought it at @missusbella

The Police To Be (Or Not To Be) EDP for Man

I know it's a guys' perfume but I really like the scent and I personally didn't like a girly girl scent.

Comfort 8in1 Solution

There's a discount at Guardian so I grab one right away.

Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer

Both are actually different color but I can't seem to take a proper picture.  


I always wanted a wide heel shoes and a white shoes. Since both are in a very special price I sorta splurge a bit. (>.<)!

You can pre order these Imported Shoe at Mint and Mauve. They have a great collection with good price too! 

 Mood Matcher Lipstick

These lipstick claims to be able to stay on your lips for 12 hours! It won't wear off or smudge after eating and drinking and it also won't stains stuff too (i.e food, glass, spoon). I got curious so I bought two of them.

You can get it at FDP Cosmetics.

Guardian Sakura Blossom Shower Gel

Well it was about IDR 30.000 for 1000ml so I figure I won't have anything to loose right?

Add me on your list  ^^

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