29 December 2015

The Skin House Relaunch Event

Hello my pretty peonies!! imageimageimage

So last on the 14th of November last month I was invited to The Skin House Relaunch Party at Koi Kemang. Why relaunch?? Because this particular brand have been in Indonesia for a while now but didn't seem to have a brand recognition yet. You can find their products at Beauty in U Store at Mall of Indonesia. Here's my invitation...

I was pretty nervous because I went there alone and I thought that I won't know anyone there. But WTH it's a good chance for me to get to know more people right?? Because of the traffic and unfamiliar route I was late for about 15 minutes. 

Anyway onto the event now... As I told you before I was late so I didn't get the chance to notice anyone right away and the event begin right away. There's finger food but I didn't get the chance to taste them #hungry

Ms. Josi is the one who introduces us to The Skin House Products. She's so funny and friendly...

Did you know that Sung Hwa Han is The Skin House Brand Ambassador?? I didn't know that?? Ain't she pretty??

28 December 2015

A'Pieu x Crayon Shin Chan

Hi y'all!!

From now on I'm gonna try to post about a new exciting product as much as I can and for starters I'm gonna introduce you to the new A'pieu feat Crayon Shin Chan!! Now this collab is currently for cleansing products, skincare and hand cream but rumor has it they gonna launch cosme products too!! I'm so excited!!

Here are the product prices (taken from A'Pieu Website):
(Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Bubble Foam 3,800₩/ 200ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Foam Cleanser 1,900₩/ 130ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Clear Water 3,800₩/ 165ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Cleansing Oil 6,800₩/ 160ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Milky Cleanser 4,800₩/ 140ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Perfumed Hand Cream – Gardenia 3,000₩/ 35ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Perfumed Hand Cream – Hydrangea 3,00₩/35ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Perfumed Hand Cream – Lotus 3,000₩/35ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Dewdrop Clouding Cream 4,800₩/ 50ml

Which product excite you the most? I was thinking of getting the Cleansing Oil or Cleansing Water.

Click here to go to the A'Pieu x Crayon Shin Chan page.

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23 December 2015

Review: The Bath Box Clay-opatra Face Mask

Hi there!!

Today I'm gonna share about my experience with The Bath Box Clay-opatra Face Mask. Cute name right?? They made a twist to the word Cleopatra because this mask has Clay in it. I bought the mask a few months back and since I've used all of it I figure I can make a decent review about it.
Hari ini saya mau share pengalaman saya menggunakan The Bath Box Clay-opatra Face Mask. Namanya lucu yah?? Bukannya Cleopatra tapi Clay-opatra karena ada kandungan Clay di dalamnya. Masker ini saya beli beberapa bulan lalu dan karena sudah saya pakai sampai habis jadi sudah waktunya nih bikin reviewnya.

19 December 2015

Haul: November 2015

December is almost over but I haven't had the chance to post my November Haul yet because it's been a busy week. So keep scrolling if you wanna know what stuff I bought last November.
Divider GraphicsDivider Graphics
Desember sudah mau berakhir tapi saya masih belum aja sempat posting hasil haul saya di bulan November karena belakangan ini sibuknya itu pake banget. Berhubung sekarang ada sedikit waktu saya langsung bikin aja lah ya postingannya... 

Ofra Cosmetic @dupethat Highlighter
- You Dew You (left)
- You Glow Girl (right)

Ever since I follow @dupethat on IG I've been obsessed with their highlighter and when I finally saw it was available at @preorderbymimo I bought them right away!! I've been using it almost everyday now too!!
Divider GraphicsDivider Graphics
Sejak saya follow IG-nya @dupethat saya udah mupeng banget sama highlighternya dan waktu lihat ternyata @preorderbymimo udah ngejual langsung saya beliikkk!! Hampir tiap hari saya pakai saking sukanya!!

10 December 2015

Review: A'pieu Air Fit Cushion Doraemon Edition

Hi everyone!!

It's another cushion review from me and it's from the A'pieu Air Fit Cushion Doraemon Edition!!! The one that I bought is the special set which has a cushion and another refill inside. Why I bought it you say?? I just can't resist the temptation!! I mean it's Doraemon!! I grew up with the little guy. Ohh and speaking of Doraemon there's a Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo at Grand City Surabaya now and I can't wait to go there at Christmas Holiday. Sigh.... Still another two weeks though but fret not!! It'll pass in a jiffy..!!

Okay enough rambling now and let's go to the review now shall we?
Kali ini saya mau review produk cushion lagi nih, namanya A'pieu Air Fit Cushion dan yang ini adalah edisi spesial Doraemon!! Yang saya beli adalah setnya, di dalamnya selain cushion juga ada refill cushionnya. Kenapa saya beli?? Soalnya saya tidak tahan sama kelucuan si Doraemon!! Dari jaman saya kecil dulu di tempat saya tinggal agak susah untuk mendapatkan sinyal RCTI dan kalau hari minggu ke rumah tetangga dulu buat nonton Doraemon rame-rame. #LOL ketahuan banget ya umur saya? He he he... Selain itu sekarang di Grand City Surabaya lagi ada Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo dan saya peengggeennn banget kesana!! Moga-moga pas liburan Natal nanti saya sempat melipir kesana. Masih dua mingguan lagi sih tapi sabar dulu lah udah menjelang akhir tahun nanti gak kerasa juga.

Ahhh... kebanyakan ngalor ngidul ya saya kapan coba reviewnya?? Yukkk menuju TKP...

07 December 2015

Review: Secret Kiss Face Coating Angel Cushion (#23 Dark Angel)

Hi hi..!!

One of my reader has requested this review for a while now and since I've been using it for almost everyday I think I can make a decent review about it now. I know there are a lot of "mainstream" cushion out there but this one really caught my attention. There's a 8gr refill tube inside and the lace pattern is really pretty. Actually the lace pattern is what got me the first time ha ha...
Salah satu reader saya sudah merekuest saya untuk me-review produk ini sejak haul post beberapa bulan yang lalu dan karena sudah saya pakai hampir setiap hari sepertinya sekarang adalah waktu yang tepat untuk membuat reviewnya. Sebetulnya ada banyak produk cushion lain yang lebih "mainstream" tapi saya tertarik sama yang ini karena ada bonus refill 8gr dan pola lace di kemasannya itu cute pake banget #bancipekejing.

02 December 2015

Review: Ice Elements 2 Minute Miracle Gel

Today's review is about a product that has gain quite a cult follower. It's the Ice Elements 2 Minute Miracle Exfoliating Gel and it's said to helps with any skin problems you have. I usually prefer this type of exfoliate because my skin is quite sensitive and peeling gel usually gives me better results. Nowadays my skin still has ups and downs but as far as exfoliation product goes it can now handle scrubs albeit not often.
Review hari ini adalah tentang suatu produk yang sudah banyak cult followernya yaitu Ice Elements 2 Minute Miracle Exfoliating Gel. Katanya sih produk ini bisa mengatasi macam-macam masalah kulit gitu deh. Saya sendiri memang lebih suka peeling gel model begini karena kulit saya sensitif dan acne prone jadi dengan peeling gel tetap bisa exfoliate tanpa menyenggol jerawat dengan scrub ceritanya. Kondisi kulit saya seperti biasa masih naik turun tapi untuk produk exfoliate berupa scrub sudah cukup bisa diterima kulit saya meskipun tidak bisa sering dan hanya saat jerawat dalam kondisi minimum.

01 December 2015

Review: Shiseido Tsubaki Shining Shampoo and Conditioner


I want to do a review about an awesome hair products that I've been using for years although I'm currently on a switch period right now. I change my shampoo and conditioner to other brand every now and then because otherwise a certain brand just won't work on me anymore. The first time I found out about this shampoo is from a Japanese Movie called "Air Doll" (Googled it up if you're curious) and in it the main character use the Shiseido Tsubaki to wash his "girlfriend" hair. I got curious so I lookup for an online local seller that sells it and it got me to Nihonmart.

I rarely bought pricier products for my hair but since it's Shiseido I figure that I have to try it for once. I mean I sometimes splurge for a good skincare products but why not do it for haircare right? My first purchase is the full 500ml set but this time I bought the smaller size (220ml) because I was low on cash he he he.... 

The key ingredients of the Shiseido Tsubaki is of course "Tsubaki" or Camellia Japonica oil. It is rich in oleic and linoleic acid and it's perfect for hair nourishment.
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