28 December 2015

A'Pieu x Crayon Shin Chan

Hi y'all!!

From now on I'm gonna try to post about a new exciting product as much as I can and for starters I'm gonna introduce you to the new A'pieu feat Crayon Shin Chan!! Now this collab is currently for cleansing products, skincare and hand cream but rumor has it they gonna launch cosme products too!! I'm so excited!!

Here are the product prices (taken from A'Pieu Website):
(Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Bubble Foam 3,800₩/ 200ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Foam Cleanser 1,900₩/ 130ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Clear Water 3,800₩/ 165ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Cleansing Oil 6,800₩/ 160ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Deep Clean Milky Cleanser 4,800₩/ 140ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Perfumed Hand Cream – Gardenia 3,000₩/ 35ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Perfumed Hand Cream – Hydrangea 3,00₩/35ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Perfumed Hand Cream – Lotus 3,000₩/35ml
(Crayon Shin Chan) Dewdrop Clouding Cream 4,800₩/ 50ml

Which product excite you the most? I was thinking of getting the Cleansing Oil or Cleansing Water.

Click here to go to the A'Pieu x Crayon Shin Chan page.

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