29 December 2015

The Skin House Relaunch Event

Hello my pretty peonies!! imageimageimage

So last on the 14th of November last month I was invited to The Skin House Relaunch Party at Koi Kemang. Why relaunch?? Because this particular brand have been in Indonesia for a while now but didn't seem to have a brand recognition yet. You can find their products at Beauty in U Store at Mall of Indonesia. Here's my invitation...

I was pretty nervous because I went there alone and I thought that I won't know anyone there. But WTH it's a good chance for me to get to know more people right?? Because of the traffic and unfamiliar route I was late for about 15 minutes. 

Anyway onto the event now... As I told you before I was late so I didn't get the chance to notice anyone right away and the event begin right away. There's finger food but I didn't get the chance to taste them #hungry

Ms. Josi is the one who introduces us to The Skin House Products. She's so funny and friendly...

Did you know that Sung Hwa Han is The Skin House Brand Ambassador?? I didn't know that?? Ain't she pretty??

The Skin House launch their products exclusively for online market in Korea in 2011 and based on technology of Noksibcho Pharm which was founded at 1979. The Skin House Tagline is "Natural Care for Exhausted SKin" and they have ECOCERT to prove it? What's that? ECOCERT is one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world and they are the leading certifier of fair trade food, cosmetics and textiles as per ECOCERT Fair Trade Standards.

Their line of products are directed to our skin spesific need and it's all on display at the event .

Natural Balancing Line
This line is directed for people who wants to take care the natural balance of oil and water in their skin. Keeping their skin hydrated while maintaining sebum. This line uses a lot of natural ingredients like ginseng, bamboo, peony, lily, pumpkin, tomato, green tea, vocanic mineral water, camucamu, aloe vera, acacia collagen, edelweiss extract and mallow flower extract. There are 3 products in this line such as:
1. Natural Balancing Toner
2. Natural Balancing Serum
3. Natural Balancing Emulsion

Homme Innofect  Line
Like it's name this line directed for men because men have different skin than woman and what's suitable for a woman doesn't necessarily suitable for men. The Homme Innofect Line helps control excess sebum, moisturize, regenerate new skin cells and brighten skins. This line uses green tea extract, jijang red clay water, camucamu, aloe vera, acacia collagen, edelweiss extract and mallow flower extract. There are 4 products in this line such as:
1. Homme Innofect Control Skin
2.  Homme Innofect Control Lotion
3. Homme Innofect Control Foam Cleanser
4. Homme Innofect Control All in One Soother

Aloe Vera Line
This is one of their best selling line and has the highest contains of aloe vera. The main purpose of this line is to hydrates and moisturize skin. There are 7 products in this line such as:
1. Aloe Mucin Waterful Cream
2. Aloe Water Mist
3. Aloe Vera Essential Serum
4. Aloe Vera BHA Toner
5. Aloe Vera Emulsion
6. Aloe Soothing Balm
7. Aloe Soothing Gel

Pore Control Line
This line is suitable for those who have big pores and trouble that it causes like acne, blackheads and whitehead. I'm pretty interested in this line too because of the acne problem #sigh... So the idea behind this line is if you take care of your pores then you won't have problems with excess sebum and therefore won't have acne, blackhead or whitehead problems. This line uses peony, mandarin, mother crysanthemum flolwer extract, green tea, guava, guarana, jijang red clay water and guava. There are 4 products in this line such as:
1. Pore Control Powder Toner
2. Pore Control Powder Serum
3. Pore Control Gel Cleanser
4. Pore Control Powder Emulsion

Lavender Line
This line main function is to brighten and repaired skin cells. Lavender is know not only for it's aromatherapic properties but it also has other beneficial properties like antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, accelerate skin healing process and many more. There are 5 products in this line such as:
1. Lavender Lightening Emulsion
2. Lavender Lightening Toner
3. Lavender Snail Gel
4. Lacender Lightening Cream
5. Lavender Intensive Ampoule

Volcanic Water Line
This line is also one of my interest, it's for anti aging treatment by giving skin moisturize and nutrition to keep it looking young and firm. This line contains 2% volcanic rock water, collagen extract, acerola, snail filtrate extract, guava extract, malva, thymus, buddleja, hyssopus, green tea, chrysantemum flower, bamboo, camucamu, aloe vera, acacia collagen, edelweiss extract and mallow flower extract. There are 4 products in this line such as:
1. Volcanic Water Mineral Toner
2. Volcanic Water Mineral Cream
3. Volcanic Water Mineral Serum
4. Volcaninc Water Mineral Emulsion

Wrinkle Healing Line
This line is directed for people with mature skin or all in all who wants to keep their skin looking younger. It contains a lot of ingredients that's good for anti aging and anti wrinkle such as ginseng extract, tomato, bamboo, aloe vera, peony, lonicera japonica flower, adenosine, acacia collagen and edelweiss extract. There are 5 products in this line such as:
1. Wrinkle System Essence
2. Wrinkle COllagen Toner
3. Wrinkle Healing Celltox Ampoule
4. Wrinkle Collagen EMulsion
5. Wrinkle System Cream

Crystal Whitening Line
This line is called "whitening" but it's not meant to upgrade your skin tone. The idea behind this line is to prevent the production of melanin and to restore your skin back to it's original skin tone. So if your original skin tone is medium then you won't suddenly become fair or even pale. It means to take care of those dark spots or blemish marks that's already there and prevent the productio of melanin. This line uses lonicera flower extract, tomato, lily, mother chrysanthemum, ginseng, bamboo, mung bean, green tea, alaskan glacial milk, camucamu, aloe vera, acacia collagen, edelweiss extract and mallow flower extract. There are 5 products in this line such as:
1. Crystal Whitening Plus Emulsion
2. Crystal Whitening Plus Cream
3. Crystal Whitening Plus Peeling Gel
4. Crystal Whitening Plus Serum
5. Crystal Whitening Plus Toner

Special Care
This line is for special care and there are 6 products in this line such as:
1. Essential Oil Cleanser
2. Deep Cleansing Foam
3. Perfect Pore Tightening Clay Pack
4. High End Black Sugar Scru
5. Multi Function Smart BB Cream
6. Energy Sleeping Pack

After the presentation we are given times to try out their products and of course taking selfies!! I didn't get a lot though because I have to go back early (TAT)...

Here's what I got in their goodie bag and I also got an Aloe Soothing Gel from one of their fun quiz!!

You can get more info on The Skin House at:

You can also shop The Skin House products at
Beauty In U Mall of Indonesia, Kelapa Gading
Centro Summarecon Mall, Serpong
Centro Galaxy Mall, Surabaya


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