07 January 2016

My 2016 Wishlist

Hello there!!

I thought I would share my 2016 wishlist for today's post because I think making a wishlist is good if you want to get something or want to do something this year. So by making a wishlist I tend to not to get distracted by other seemingly more interesting stuff he he... What's my wishlist for this year? Not all of them are beauty related though but it's what I currently wants and probably need he he...

1. Ztylus Casing and Accessories for iPhone 6

Taken from Ztylus.com
Metal Series Rose Gold Camera Kit
I really really want this limited edition Rose Gold Metal casing with the Revolvel 4 in 1 lens attachment but it was so freaking expensive!! The retailed price is USD 149.95 or around IDR 2.100.000. I actually have save money to buy it but it was already sold out and the price on other seller was too expensive.

The retail price for the metal case alone is USD 44.95 or around IDR 630,000.

Taken from Ztylus.com
Lite Series Camera Kit
The Lite Series is more affordable than the Rose Gold one and they are available in bright colors. My favorite color is the Watermelon (above) and would probably get this one instead the Rose Gold. The retail price is USD 99.95 or IDR around IDR 1,400,000. 

The retail price for the lite series case is USD 29,95 or around IDR 420,000

Taken from Ztylus.com
Revolver 4 in 1 Attachment
The one that I want to get is the case + lens kit but the lenses attachment is also sold invidually. The retail price is USD 69.95 or around IDR 980.000.

Taken from Ztylus.com
LED Ring Light Attachment
I also want to get this awesome Ring Light attachment, I think it's a must have items for selfie lover or for someone who wants a better light than the iPhone. The retail price USD 59.95 or around IDR 840,000.

2. BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Pallette

Taken from bhcosmetics.com

Taken from bhcosmetics.com
The first time I saw these baby I knew I had to get one. There are beautiful 14 color eyeshadows and highlighter. They are really pretty and I think it's suitable for any skin-tone. The retail price is USD 20 or around IDR 280.000

3. Sigma Brushes

Taken from sigmabeauty.com

Taken from sigmabeauty.com

I've tried the F80 Flat Kabuki brush and OMG it's so awesome! So I'm thinking on getting the F50 Duo Fibre Brush and F86 Tapered Kabuki Brush next. The 3DHD brushes looks nice too and off course their eye brushes are very tempting but I'm still a novice in eye makeup so maybe I'll put them on next year wishlist.

4. Mirrorless Camera

Taken from dailycameranews.com

Taken from topmirrorlesscamera.com

Taken from photorumors.com

I'm thinking of getting a mirrorless camera since I only use my phone to take pictures but I still can't decide which camera to get. If you have a recommendation of a decent mirrorless camera with a budget around IDR 5.000k-7.000k give me your recommendation in the comment section okay ^^.

5. Waffle Maker

Who doesn't like waffle really?? I like pancakes too but I can't seem to get a perfect circle so with a waffle maker I can get it right all the time!!

6. Tulip Etimo Crochet Hook Set

Taken from tulip-japan.co.jp

This baby is a high end crochet hook! It's ergonomic, it has a cushion grip, it's durable and it's cute!! Fit's perfectly on hand and no more carpat tunnel while crocheting. The retail price is around USD 85 or about IDR 1.200.000!!!

7. A Shorter Hairstyle

I want a shorter haircut preferably a long bob but I still haven't had the guts to do it. Do you think I can rock the long bob look?

8. Matoa Wooden Watch

I haven't bought a new watch in years and at first I was thinking on getting a DW watch but I saw this beautiful wooden watch a few weeks back and I can't get it out of my mind. They are so beautiful and not only it's a handmade, it's also Made in Indonesia!! The one that I particularly like is the Matoa Sumba (picture above) and I hope I can save up some money to buy this baby.

For more detailed info on this gorgeous watch you can go to their website here.

So that's it... My 2016 wishlist.. It's not much but I think it won't be easy to achieve too.

Do you have a wishlist for 2016?

Add me on your list  ^^

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