03 August 2016

June- July 2016 Haul

Hello there!!

I guess all I did lately in this blog was a haul post. I can't help it!! Real life got in the way!! I did took a lot of pictures for review purposes but never had the time nor willingness to make a draft #LOL. Anyway... I guess haul post is enough now. At first I thought I didn't buy a lot of stuff for the past 2 month but when it's time to took pictures it turns out quite a lot. So brace yourself cos it's gonna be a long one...

Technic Cosmetics Haul

I bought quite a few Technic Cosmetics lately, they are affordable and has a decent quality. Plus it's cruelty free and vegan!! I open a pre-order on these baby on my IG Shop @pernakperniksekar if you would like to purchase it too.

 "prime it" Illuminating Face Primer

This primer is said to be the dupe of Benefit That Gal primer but since I don't own it IDK how to compare the two. Should've bought the mattifying one but what can I say. I just want my skin to glow like there's no tomorrow!! 

Accidentally nicked the black eyeshadow (TAT)
Fashionista Nude Colours Eye Shadow Palette

I wanted to try the W7 Tin Eyeshadow series but I'll try this one first.

Superfine Matte Blusher (left)
Mega Blush Quad Blusher (right)

The one that I wanted to try at first was the Blush Quad but I ended adding the Superfine Matte too. Shimmer and Matte makes a whole package right?? He he he

Technic Mega Mattes Eyeshadow
Technic Colour Max Baked Eyeshadow in Treasure Chest
Technic Contour Stix

I've been experimenting with eyeshadows lately and I just want to try them all!! I haven't tried the Mega Mattes yet but I really like the baked eyeshadow even though one of them cracked (TAT). I want to try the contour stix too but maybe after I took a decent picture of it.

Mega Nudes Eyeshadow
hide it!! Concealer Palette

Even though I really want a bright colored eyeshadow I can't use it on a day to day basis so I settle for a neutral tones for the time being.

Mega Nudes 2 Eyeshadows
Mega Nudes 3 Eyeshadow

Please don't judge me for buying the whole series. It's not like I bought all UD Palettes at the same time #justification.

R & B by Ra

My BFF just open her own clothing line and since her taste is similar to me I can't resist myself on getting a few of her collection. I actually bought two more but maybe I'll post it another time.

Me and my mom got a matching Cempaka Blouse for Eid.

I tried to do an #OOTD but it's somewhat failed (I think??). The top one is Cempaka Blouse and the bottom is Asoka Jogger Pants.

I also wore her collection at my high school reunion. I wore Kama Shirt and Asoka Jogger Pants and I like the Kama Shirt so much I bought another one in grey (>.<).

Go visit her IG account @randbbyra

More Beauty Haul

I've been repurchasing some stuff and also got a few freebies.

Pixy Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
Wardah EyeExpert Optimum Hi-Black Liner

I've been repurchasing the Pixy Eye & Lip Makeup Remover and it's hands down one of my favorite affordable but great makeup remover and as for Wardah I never tried it before but a friend told me it's even better than Stila!!

Oriflame Feet Up Cooling Breeze Mint & Kiwi Foot Spray

Work all day long with high heels on... Nuff said...

A'Pieu Air Fit Cushion Rilakkuma Edition

Just when I thought that I need to stop buying bb cushion A'pieu comes out with this ridiculously cute collab!! I was holding myself on getting it too. But when I knew that my cousin was going to Korea all hands on deck!! The Doraemon edition shade was too light for me (no. 21) so I ask her to get me no. 23 and btw I've made a review on the Doraemon one here.

Mistine I am Waterproof Mascara

Mistine is one of the biggest cosmetics company in Thailand and I've heard a lot of great things about their products. If this mascara is any good maybe I'll try their other products.

Blessing Concentrated Repair Treatment
L'Oreal Proteline Protein Emulsion
NR Color Lock Mask

Well... Trying on hair treatment products is always interesting.

Rire Style Black Head Brush Cleanser

I ran out of my TBB Ocha and GDL Tea Tree and this one looks interesting.

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner - Black

I bought this in June but misplaced it so I bought the Wardah Eyeliner he he he... Fortunately I found it yesterday. I've been repurchasing it too a few times now and so far I like it better than the Hyper Matte.

Real Hair Eyebrow Serum

It's actually marketed as a men's products but I want it for my lashes and maybe I'll dab it on my brow too.

Syn-Ake Wrinkle Mask Pack

I got this mask from @prinsessaboutique, and you can get lots of beauty products with a great price! Oh and you can order Aussie products from her too!! 

Silk Worm Cocoon from by Mi

I've heard great things about the benefits of exfoliating with silk worm cocoon so when by Mi offered me to try their products I said why not!!

Not really Beauty Related but who cares!!

Smartfren Andromax Q

I bought it for my work phone and since I got a loyalty program it's on a great price too!

Notebook Bag

Just realize that I don't own a bag for my notebook and this bag is cute!!

Sambal Roa

If you live more than half of your life in Sulawesi then you'll probably addicted to 'Rica Roa' or spicy food in general. It's funny how most of my friends are quite surprised when they found out I like spicy food. Out of the three my favorite is definitely the third one (Sambal Ikan Magela) cos it's directly from Sulawesi but if can't get it Sambal Roa Judes is also very good.

DIY Bookshelves

I don't buy it too keep books actually... It's for.... You guessed it right... Makeup, skincare and beauty tools  (^_^).

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  1. Aaaa technic superfine matte blushernya cakep bangetttt :3
    Aihh mbak sekar cantiknya pake jilbab :D


    1. Aduh jadi malu...
      Iya matte blushernya cakeeppp!! Aku posting swatchnya di IG

  2. aku rikues Rire Style Black Head Brush Cleanser plus semua produknya Technic XD
    Duh, Mistine lucu bgt ya kemasanya. Bikin lapar mataaa.
    Kayanya aku juga butuh deh rak segede itu.
    T.T postingan ini penuh racun


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