23 December 2016

November Haul

Hi there!!

I know it's almost the end of December but today I'm gonna post my November Haul. Haul post is always exciting right? So it's never too late he he he...

Anyhoo last month was my birthday month so I did splurge a bit on giving myself a birthday pressie #LOL although I have to admit I did splurge again this month because there are soooo many year end deal!!

Keep on scrolling to find out what I got last November...

 - Sense of Care Anti Aging Horse Oil Animal Cutie Mask Pack
- Sense of Care Pearl-Diamond Hydrogel Eye Patch
- Holika-Holika Canola Honey Sleeping Pack

There's a clearance sale at Style Korean and I thought these three was a good deal. I always love a good mask and sleeping mask and I never tried any eye patch before but since my eye area are pretty dry I think this eye patch is perfect for it.

 Oval Brush Set

Bought these Oval Brush Set on eBay because I was curious but to tell you the truth IDK how to use half of it #LOL #FacePalm. The little ones are suppose to be a lip and eye brush and the big one are face brush.

Jessup 14 pc Pro Makeup Brush Set

I won an eBay bid for this brush so it was a good deal too. I've been thinking about opening a pre order on these awesome brushes so drop your comment below if you would like to purchase these Jessup Brushes.
Abbamart One-Shot Brush Washer

This thing sold out really fast so I was curious about how good it is. Bought from Althea.

Piolang 4D Pore Balance Foam and Pack

This product is really interesting because it can be used as a foam cleanser and face mask. As a foam cleanser you used it as you normally use a facial cleanser and as a face mask just leave it on your skin for 2-3 minutes!! Save time and money!!
Bought from Althea.
Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

This product is said to help in making your skin care penetrates better and it also helps with eye bag which is something I need. It's small so I can put it on my purse and take it with me anywhere I go.
Bought from Althea.

Apieu Mineral 100 Tone Up Sun Powder (Mint)

I never tried sun powder before so it looks interesting, plus this product acts as a setting powder too.
Bought from Althea.

 Lizly What a Lovely Palette

This eyeshadow palette is soo pretty... Enough said...
Bought from Althea.

CP-1 Quick Dry Mist (Sweet Musk)

My hair is getting longer and it took forever to dry so I bought it. The scent is really good and it makes my hair soft.
Bought from Althea.

Technic Cosmetics
 - ColourFix Pressed Powder Contour Palette
- ColourFix Cream Foundation Contour Palette
- Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder

I bought these stuff on eBay and surprisingly it passed through custom although my other eBay purchases for this month aren't so lucky.

W7 Shade & Swap

It supposed to be a dupe for Vera Mona color switch but to tell you the truth it looks pretty much the same with a scouring sponge that I use for washing dishes. May I'll do a comparison post about it soon.

The Bath Box
 - Scary Face Deep Pore Cleanser
- Breakfast Porride Face Mask
- Conditioner Bar

 I was only curious about their conditioner bar but ended up buying more.

 - Love Nature Burdock Clay Mask
- Love Nature Cucumber Gel Mask
- Stardust EDT

 Both mask and EDT are on a discount. The mask looks interesting and I really like the scent too.

 Suoleh Love Me White Cream

 I won this product 0.8L Indonesia and it's an instant whitening cream that works really nice and it can be used on both face and body. I can use it as a primer too because it seems to filled up my pore.

Etude House Pink Skull Haul 
 - Pink Skull Colorful Scent EDP
- Pink Skull Curl Fix Long Lash
- Pink Skull Color Eyes #2 Funky Skull
- Pink Skull Cream Blusher #PK001 Skull Rose

 As soon as Etude release their Pink Skull edition I knew I had to get my hands on it!! So far my favorite purchase is the Pink Skull EDP. The scent is really good and lasting, plus I always gets a compliment whenever I wore it. I think I need to buy it again as a backup.

Wet and Wild Brush
- Large Eyeshadow Brush
- Tapered Blending Brush 
- Small Concealer Brush

The Wet and Wild Brushes have been raved about buy so many people so I got curious too. They are so affordable and quite soft. 

 Sleek Midas Highlighting Palette

 I was gonna get their Solstice Palette at first but somehow ended up getting this one. Blue highlighter looks very interesting.

 City Color Palette
 - Spice Me Up Palette
- Brown Sugar Palette

Both products looks really pretty and since the palettes aren't that big it's perfect for travels too.

 - LA Splash Lip Couture in OG Ghoulish
- City Color Creamy Lips in Lavender Drop

I have the Ghoulish already so I need to get the OG Ghoulish too and why not throw another one too he he he..

- Unicorn Pairing Pin
- Girly Girl Kilt Pin 

 I always love Pinfolks items so when I saw that they've open a booth at Basha Market I have to get it!!

Remington Pearl Flat Iron

This is seriously the best flat iron everrr!!!! It heats up super fast, makes my hair looks shiny and silky and it cools down really fast too!! It was the best purchase I've ever made last month period!!!

Bought from Nicula Beauty Store.

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  1. OMG godaan macam apa ini Sekar, bisa - bisa Christmas time dijadiin alasan buat shopping #lagiii hiks...Btw si catok ini Remington Pearl Flat Iron berapaan?

    1. Bahahah November - Desember parah deh.
      Remington Pearl 500an di Nicula Beauty seriously itu bagusss banget. Aku dah cobain babyliss and ghd tapi ini buaguss polll


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