17 January 2017

Unboxing Althea Holiday Box

Hello there!!

If you guys saw my unboxing video on my Instagram a few days back then you'll know an unboxing blog post is gonna be next right? So today I'm gonna show you what I got from the Althea Holiday Box and I am so lucky because half of the thing that I got is from a collaboration between Althea Korea and Surabaya Beauty Blogger

Oh if you're still having trouble opening Althea's Website don't forget that you can still shop from them by downloading their Mobile App and it's available in iOs and Android or if you still prefers shopping from their web because the App crash sometimes you can try downloading Puffin Browser on you mobile phone and browse from it.

So let's get to the unboxing shall we?

I got two Holiday Boxes in bigger and smaller. Fortunately they come in pretty good condition and I can use it again to put stuff in. The bears are so cute and the snowflakes are really pretty.

Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol (100ml)
IDR 195,000

I've been having problems with whiteheads and clogged pore lately and I hope this products will help me take care of that problems. I use it after toner/FTE and then continue with serum/essence and cream at night.

Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence (100 ml)
IDR 232,000

I got it because I've been looking for a replacement for the SKII FTE and if this product works nicely I can save tons of money!!

CFC Argan Glow Hair Oil (110ml)
IDR 147,000

My hair is really dry because of the bleaching process so I've been looking for a hair product that I can use everyday without weighing down my hair and making it look limp like some of the hair serum out there. This hair oil looks like it has a thick consistency but it's actually lightweight and has really scent. I wish my hair would smell like this oil everyday! I usually use this hair oil after I wash my hair/before hair drier or before I use styling tools and pretty much every time I feel like my hair needs an extra oomph.

Pure Smile Juicy Point Pad (Kiwi and Orange)
IDR 11,400

This point pad is convenient because I can put it wherever I want like my elbows for example and it can be use for multimasking because each type as different properties. The Orange is for Moisture and Radiance while the Kiwi is for Radiance and Nourishment.

Hello Everybody Berry Water Vinegar Treatment
IDR 58,000

I usually just use an ACV rinse on my hair but some people might be bothered with its scent so when I saw it at Althea I was intrigued. It works similar with ACV Hair Rinse as the last phase after I wash all the shampoo and conditioner I put the Berry Water Vinegar on my hair and scalp, do a light massage and rinse thoroughly. With ACV my hair will smell like Vinegar even though it dissipates after a while but with this product my hair smells fresh like Berry!

The Saem Sebum Removing Cotton Swab
IDR 34,000

It has a black cotton swab and presser on the other side that'll help remove sebum effectively. I use it after pore pack.

Innisfree Blackhead Dual Cleaner
IDR 80,600

This product also has dual tip, the other side has a small silicone brush that you use to clean blackhead area and the other side is a presser to remove blackhead.

Milky Dress Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream (15ml)
IDR 57,000

I've been adding eye cream on my skincare routine for a few years now and still looking for the perfect one. My eye area is pretty dry even though my face has an oily-combination skin so I need a nourishing product for it. I tried to have a regular sleeping hours to prevents dark circle but sometimes when I'm so tired it'll look obvious. This product claims to be very light, brightens skin around the eyes and make it moisturize all day.

Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity (10ml x 3)
IDR 77,300

This product have been on my Althe Wishlist for a while now and when I saw a free giveaway for it I grabbed one right away. It claims to have 8 in 1 effects such as Pore Tightening, Cooling Effect, Hydration, Moisturize, Sebum Removal, Exfoliation, Nourishment and Texture Care.

PACKage Float Mask Bundle
IDR 229,000

8 Everyday Bouncy Facial Mask
8 Melt Me Softly Nose Strip
1 Monthly New Feet Socks

I thought it was a good deal so I bought it but I admit I was also attracted to the cute packaging. The mask is said to be super hydrating and makes the skin bouncy and glowing and what got me interested at first is actually the Nose Strip. Why? Well because this nose strip is an essence type as in it doesn't forcefully take out blackhead but it'll help melts the sebum around the nose so I was intrigued on how it'll work on me. As for the last one, ever since I wore high heels everyday my feet's been kinda rough so I need those dead cells to go!

What do you think of my Atlhea Holiday Box?
Give me your comments and tell me which one you would like for me to review first.

P.S: stay tune because I'm gonna post a haul post and another unboxing of the Althea Pore Care Box!

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  1. great thanks for the review, can't wait to hear Cosrx Galactomyces 95 result :D


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