19 March 2017

Unboxing: Althea Anti-Pollution Box (with First Impression)

I'm finally back with another unboxing post and I've been meaning to post about it weeks ago but I had a sudden job assignment out of town and I manage to sneak making a draft for this post bit by bit.

Thanks to another collaboration project from Althea Korea and Surabaya Beauty Blogger I was able to get this awesome Anti-Pollution Box!! Well to be honest all of their special box are super awesome and they sold out really fast!! Before I get to the unboxing part I'm gonna tell you about this box first, the Anti-Pollution Box is meant for people who lives in busy city where pollution, including haze and fine dust that can harm our skin and the content of this box are meant to fight them!!

I thought I'll get their usual Pink Box but I got the CNY box!!!

Lo and behold!! 7 full size items!!

Hope Girl - Jamong Cleansing Balm

Jamong Cleansing Balm gently cleanses off any impurities on you skin. The mild formula with grapefruit extract protects your skin barrier while purifying them.

First Impression

I really love the scent of this cleansing balm! So fresh!! It freshen up my mood after a long day at work. It has a sherbet like texture and it melts easily when I rub them on my face. It can also removes eyeliner, mascara and lip cream quite fast which is great for me because it meant shorter cleansing time he he. 

It emulsify quickly when in contact with water and dissolves my makeup perfectly. Oooh and did you know that weird greasy slippery feeling when you use cleansing oil? I didn't feel any of it with Jamong Cleansing Balm, this product leaves my skin feeling quite moisturize in fact.


Bubbles from sparkling water effectively removes fine dust. Mild formula including Rooibos extract creates a hydrating layer onto your skin.

First Impression

This baby helps cleans all those makeup with ease including lip cream but it took a little bit more effort on taking a stubborn waterproof mascara. It has sparkling water in it which is said to be very good to cleanse clogged pore. After I swipe my face with it I don't feel any tightness or irritation and in fact it felt slightly moisturize!

Missha - Deep Cleansing Foam

Dense, micro bubbles deeply cleanses off any remaining makeup residues or impurities.

 First Impression

This cleansing foam has a very thick texture and produces a very whipped cream like texture bubble which is awesome. I like to use it with a pore brush or foam maker because it makes a really nice dense bubble. It has a slight scent to it but not too strong and since the texture is very thick a little goes a long way.

 Etude House - Wonder Pore Freshener

Calm your skin down which had suffered from harsh environment. Remove any impurities which remains even after cleansing. Plus, rebalance the pH level of your skin as slightly acidic, for a healthy and youthful skin.

First Impression

There's tons of great review about this toner and it's said to have a 10-in-1 benefits for your skin!! I mainly use it as a regular pH balancing toner, as a lotion mask or as a facial mist. It has a nice scent to which is quite relaxing for me and not only does it helps regulate sebum production it can tightens pore after a hot day!

Skinfood - Bitter Green Clay Soothing Mask

A haze-blocking mask that prevents the fine dust from sitting onto you pores. Also, the soothing mask fortifies the skin barrier which is vulnerable from such irritation.

First Impression

This mask is awesome!! I had a few redness on my face and it totally calms them down after just one use!! It's made from 5 kinds of bitter food such as wheat sprouts, kale, celery, cabbage and broccoli. I personally don't think they are bitter cos I love veggies but these "Bitter Green" has a detoxifying properties and it's good for you body and also skin ^^.

The texture of this mask felt a bit light unlike typical clay mask that I've tried before and it has a 'minty' scent to it. There's also a few bits of grains in the mask which I think works as a light exfoliator when I wash the mask off. It's definitely one of my favorite product inside the Anti-Pollution Box and totally recommends you to try it.

Onsaemeein - Perfect Moisture Cream

Does you skin suffer from irritation and redness, due to fine dust? Rich inTrehalose, Perfect Moisture Cream instantly hydrates and soothes your skin.

First Impression

When I read the product I thought it's meant for people with dry skin and a bit hesitant to try it. But after I tested it on my hand the cream feels really light and watery. I applies very smoothly on my skin and it turns into watery consistency which then absorbs nicely into my skin. After that my skin feels really moisturize and bouncy!! I use this product twice daily as a day and night cream but as a day cream I use sunblock afterwards.

It's My - Daily Sun Cream

Treating you skin before leaving the house is also important to protect your skin from haze. Apply sunscreen with high SPF to create a shield on skin and reflect all the UV rays!

First Impression

I always make sure to use sun protection every day but sometimes they left my skin with sticky and oily feeling and not to mention those annoying white cast that's just uugghhhh... This sun cream has a light consistency unlike other sun cream that I've tried before. It blends and absorbs nicely, didn't leave any oily and sticky feeling and NO WHITECAST!!

Thanks Althea and Surabaya Beauty Blogger!!

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