11 December 2017

Review: Moodmatcher Lipstick by Fran Wilson (Black, Brown, Light Blue, Orange)


I'm finally back with a new review and today I'm gonna do a review about a certain lipstick that's said to last up to 12 hours!! Thanks to Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Moodmatcher  I was able to try two of the Moodmatcher Lipstick in the color Orange and Brown.

Product Description

Our unique formulation works with your body chemistry and skintone to create a totally unique, customized, flattering shade that’s yours, and yours alone. With clinically proven staying power, MOODmatcher® stays put for up to 12 hours – with no touch-ups. You can eat, drink, smooch and smile without smudging, feathering, bleeding or fading. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, MOODmatcher® delivers supreme hydration that will last all day. Your lips never had it so good!


The lipstick comes in a bullet type packaging that's made from plastick which I think is made from a pretty good material because I dropped it once and they still intact with no visible crack. Since I'm pretty clumsy with my stuff this is a huge plus for me.

Texture and Finish

What is unique about this lipstick is that it changes color as soon as it reacts with your body natural pH. It glides very smoothly on my lips and I didn't feel any tugging at all. Honestly... It felt like I was applying lip balm! The lipstick itself is quite hard so I didn't have to worry that I'll accidentaly snapped it in half (again... clumsy me...). All of the lipstick has a slightly glossy finish which will subsidize during the day and stain my lips with a pretty long lasting color throughout the day.


As the name suggest, this lipstick is super long lasting. I've put it on in the morning and they last till evening. So long lasting that I'm having trouble removing it even with a bi-phase cleanser. I found that the best way to remove it is by using tons of lip balm before bed and scrub it in the morning with a lip scrub.


I've actually own another two of their lipstick but I keep forgetting to make the review so I'm gonna add their swatches in this post too. 

The Brown looks pretty much the same with the lipstick.
The Orange turns into a peachy color.
The Light Blue turns into a light pink color.
The Black turns into a deep fuchsia.

I tried wiping it off vigorously and the color pretty much still there!! I didn't even wait for the lipstick to set!!

Lip Swatch

I've swatched it on my hand so let's see how it looks on my lips.. Are they gonna look the same?? Keep on scrolling...

Moodmatcher Lipstick Brown

When I used it on my lips the Moodmatcher Lipstick Brown turns into more of a Orange Brown on my lips

Moodmatcher Lipstick Orange

When swatched on lips the Moodmatcher Lipstick Orange turns into a peachy color. I actually got a lot of compliments everytime I wore it to the office.

Btw the Orange and Brown have a different packaging than my Light Blue and Black. The Orange and Brown new packaging looks very pretty

Moodmatcher Lipstick Light Blue

The Moodmatcher Lipstick Light Blue turns into a very pretty light pink on my lips. It's one of those my lips but better look.

Moodmatcher Lipstick Black

The Moodmatcher Lipstick Black turns into a gorgeous deep fuchsia and this is my favorite color among those four.

Where to Buy? Moodmatcher.co.id
Price? IDR 66,000

Add me on your list  ^^

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  1. produknya unik ^^


  2. Yang Orange lucu banget hasilnya, mbak Sekar. Gemesin pink-nya so cute dan fresh :)

    1. Iya yang Orange kalau aku pakai banyak yang nanyain juga pada suka.
      Paling seger emang penampakannya

  3. I've used these since the 80's. I like the brown and orange because the others turn too much of a bright pink on my lips. Sometimes if I have another lipstick that has turned out to be a shade much too light for me, and too shimmery, I'll add the rest of my mood orange or brown to a microwave safe little bowl, add the light lipstick, with a little lip balm and vitamin E. I microwave for 20 seconds, stir, microwave another 10 seconds stir again, and pour into an empty lipstick or lip balm tube- most times I have enough for 2 tubes- and out somewhere it'll be safe from knockovers for an hour. Best of all worlds. And the light lipstick tones down the mood lipstick perfectly!!


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