05 January 2021

Best of 2020 - Makeup Edition

I've been thinking about making more blog posts in 2021 when my fellow bblogger suggested doing a collaboration post about our favorite makeup in 2020 and I thought why not!! We have different preferences and style so I think that it will be interesting and I think I might do a Skincare Edition too since last year I kinda splurge a lot on them.  

There are 8 categories and most of them are local brand and the one that I personally use a lot last 2020. There's also more than one contenders in each category since I can't really decide on just one product and I'm also pretty happy that most of them are highly affordable since I kinda don't wanna splurge on makeup too last year considering I'm wearing mask most of the time and my skin get irritated easily. Anyway without further ado here's my best of 2020 makeup edition!!
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