05 January 2021

Best of 2020 - Makeup Edition

I've been thinking about making more blog posts in 2021 when my fellow bblogger suggested doing a collaboration post about our favorite makeup in 2020 and I thought why not!! We have different preferences and style so I think that it will be interesting and I think I might do a Skincare Edition too since last year I kinda splurge a lot on them.  

There are 8 categories and most of them are local brand and the one that I personally use a lot last 2020. There's also more than one contenders in each category since I can't really decide on just one product and I'm also pretty happy that most of them are highly affordable since I kinda don't wanna splurge on makeup too last year considering I'm wearing mask most of the time and my skin get irritated easily. Anyway without further ado here's my best of 2020 makeup edition!!

1. Best Mascara: Ucanbe 4D Plus Perfect Lash Combination

I'm always on the look out for a good and affordable mascara because my eyelids gets oily quite easily so the area under my eyes especially tend to smudge and I also can't use mascara on my lower lashes because some mascara have sticky formula and I can feel that my upper and lower lashes stuck when I'm blinking. It's been a pet peeve of mine since forever and I assure you that I've tried a lot of mascara and most of them are sticky.

I actually got these Ucanbe Mascara Set for free but I'm blown away when I tried them. There are 3 kinds of mascara with different function such as Volume, Length and Natural. I usually use 2 of the 3 types depending on my mood. These mascaras are waterproof and smudgeproof!! I've never experience any smudging whatsoever whenever I use these babies!! Plus they are super easy to remove!! I usually just use micellar water or cleansing oil and they are gone like one.. two.. three... Some mascara are waterproof and smudgeproof but they are such a chore to remove and I just don't have the patience >.<!.

Last but not least this Mascara Set only cost around IDR 60k or so at Shopee so each mascara only cost around IDR 20k!!! I highly recommends them!! 

2. Best Blush On: Runa Beauty Moonflush Blush

2020 is the year of Cream Blush for me and ever since I've tried the Sunnies Face Airblush in 2019 I am hooked!! Last 2020 on of my favorite local brand Runa Beauty launch Moonflush Cream Blush and it looked like it has similar feel and texture like the Airblush! Long story short I ended getting 4 of the 5 shade that they have #LOL.

The Runa Beauty Moonflush looks waxy on pan but when I swatch it using my finger it actually feels kinda moussy but kinda creamy too. If you ever played around with putty I think it has a similar texture like that. These cream blush has a satin finish, easy to blend, long lasting and looks pretty seamless on my skin. Like Sunnies Face Airblush, I can also use the Moonflush on my eyes and lips for a monotone look. FYI if you have an oily eyelids like mine I recommends using a primer first.

3. Best Base Makeup: Somethinc Copy Paste Breathable Mesh Cushion (Selene)

I don't use a lot of base makeup last year because I'm wearing mask most of the time and I don't like how it stains my mask but the Somethinc Cushion is the one that I constantly use almost everyday ever since I tried them earlier last year and I even repurchast them twice. It has a good coverage and gives my skin that healthy glowing skin look. I also got a complimented a lot about my skin whenever I use this cushion he he... 

Runner Up: Pixy Make It Glow Dewy Cushion - this cushion actually have similar finish and coverage with Somethinc and I actually use it a lot before I purchase Somethinc but Somethinc wins because it last longer on my skin. Probably because Pixy has more dewy effect and I have an oily combination skin. 

4. Best Eyeshadow: Dikalu Coco Venus Eyeshadow Palette

I was into an orange and maroon-ish eyeshadow shade last year and so happy that I stumble upon this eyeshadow palette. It has matte, shimmer and even glitter in one palette!! The color in this palette are gorgeous and I can use it from natural to a bold look. I was pretty surprised because this eyeshadow is quite pigmented, has minimum fallout and even quite easy to blend too! Well not as good as high end brand but considering it's less than IDR 100k for a 35 shade eyeshadow palette I really can't complain.

5. Best Highlighter: Mad for Makeup Dot Dot Glow Liquid Highlighter (La La Lights)

I bought this highlighter on a whim actually because it looks cute and honestly quite impressed with the results. No wonder this brand has a cult following... The glow looks kinda blinding but also feels somewhat natural too which is quite confusing 🀣. It didn't accentuate my pores, hydrating, long lasting and easy to blend. The only downside of this product is that I think the packaging isn't tight enough so the oil inside leaks and after sometime the highlighter dries inside, but when I got another one there's no leak and the highlighter didn't dries as fast as the previous one. 

This highlighter is currently out of stock so I hope when they restock or maybe made another similar highlight they will make a better packaging for it.

6. Best Lippie: Mad for Makeup Dew Tinted Lip Moisturizer

Even though I wore mask all day I still feels weird not wearing any lippies and since my lips dries easily from wearing mask I think tinted lipbalm can solve my problems since my lips won't get dry while leaving some hint of color on my lips. Not only the Mad for Makeup Dew has the cutest packaging ever, I personally think the shade fits any skintone and even though it's a tinted lipbalm the coverage is pretty decent and it even leaves your lips with a pretty stain that last all day. You can check out my IG for the lip swatch if you're interested.

7. Best Powder: Reveline Brightening Two Way Cake (Ivory)

Ever since I got mascne around 2 - 3 months ago I've stop using base makeup like cushion or foundation to reduce the burden on my skin but I also want some sort of coverage for my pores and maintaining sebum control. I saw a review about the Reveline Brightening Two Way Cake on my explore feed and got curious if it really is that good. I was also quite happy because it's not that expensive, I think I got mine for about IDR 70k or so. 

This TWC has Tea Tree Leaf Extract in it so it's also good for acne prone skin and indeed it is!! I'm not experiencing any breakout while using it and it really is like the product claims to cover uneven skintone, fine lines and pores. As for my blemish marks it does covers them to some degree but not if you want a full coverage.

Runner Up:  Looke Cosmetics Holy Smooth & Blur Loose Powder - I actually already made a review about this powder here and use it almost everyday before I started using Reveline. This powder is actually better in covering pore and fine lines but Reveline wins because it has better coverage.

8. Best Eyeliner: Somethinc Forever Stay Eyeliner

As I've mention before I have a very oily lid and if I'm not careful most eyeliner will smudge and worst will make my eyelid sticky 😭. Ever since I tried Somethinc Eyeliner last 2019 it's been the only eyeliner that I keep on using and repurchasing for most of the 2020. This eyeliner is waterproof, smudgeproof and easy to remove. The sponge tip is easy to use, glides smoothly from thin to bold line and for the price of only IDR 55k I can use it everyday for up to 3 months!!

Runner Up: Runa Moonliner - I bought the Moonliner just last month and in love!! It has a really fine brush tip and personally I think it's better than Somethinc for making a thin and precise line. For the performance both are similar in they're waterproof, smudgeproof, long lasting and easy to clean but Somethinc wins because it's cheaper 😸😁.

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